Friday, November 2, 2012


"An Exhortation to Martyrdom" C18

etm side a extract

etm side b extract

Available at shows and via mail, $5 ppd.

"RRRecycled" C60 (2008)

Monday, July 12, 2010





3/17/13: Austin, TX @ Sux by Suxwest w/ Eugenics Council, Corephallism, and lots of other people

3/14/13: St. Louis, MO @ Apop w/ Eugenics Council, Corephallism, Deterge, Machismo, Pusdrainer, Developer, Justin Marc Lloyd

3/13/13: Chicago, IL @ Ultra Lounge w/ Corephallism, Shattered Hymen, Deterge, Machismo. Deeper Wells

2012 Fall tour with Corephallism and Eugenics Council

11/7/12: Richmond, VA @Strange Matter w/ Heavy Breathing, Head Molt, Scant

11/6/12: Brooklyn, NY. @ 285 Kent Ave. w/ M Ax Noi Mach, Brown Recluse Alpha

11/5/12: Philadelphia, PA @ 1400 S. 23rd St. w/ M Ax Noi Mach, Brown Recluse Alpha

11/4/12: Olneyville, RI @ JLA Collective w/ M Ax Noi Mach, Brown Recluse Alpha, V Manuscript, Allergen

11/3/12: Allston, MA. @ LAST RITES X w/ SLEEPCHAMBER, M Ax Noi Mach

6/16/12: @ Spaced Mountain, JP, MA w/Frkse and others

Spring 2012 tour with Sharpwaist and Corephallism

5/20/12: Boston, MA @ Starlab w/ Suffering Bastard, Locutions  

5/17/12: St. Louis, MO @ Apop Records

5/16/12: Milwaukee, WI @ Quarters Palace

5/15/12: Chicago, IL @ Treasure Town w/ Twodeadsluts Onegoodfuck, Panicsville+Cock E.S.P., Josh Hydeman

5/14/12: Buffalo, NY @ The Vault w/ Breached Hull, FKF

8/4/10: @ Starlab w/ Wapstan, Corephallism

4/22/10: International Noise Conference @ CAVS MIT w/ lots of other people

2/12/10: @ Outpost 186 w/ FRKSE, Xiphoid Dementia, Bitchneck

6/23/09: @ Lilypad w/ Naomi Elizabeth, Corephallism, Josh Hydeman

6/?/08: @ Midway Cafe w/ Karlheinz, Sharpwaist, Stillbirth, & Goatslut